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Binocular is an indispensable optical device in many situations. Hiking, traveling around the world or fishing – you can always enjoy its multifunctional properties. The device consists of two telescopes sealed together so that the image is a stereoscopic, in other words – 3D. Currently, manufacturers produce different models: theatrical binocular, military, nautical, astronomical devices, birding, hunting binoculars, etc.

Digital binoculars

Relatively recently, market of optical products saw digital binocular with two main functions:

  • feature of taking pics;
  • video recording.

They offer great opportunities for those who like to watch nature, making it possible not only to watch but also to photograph objects of observation. Thanks to this kind of binocular, you can find yourself in the heart of the action, whether it's a sports game or a concert, use binoculars with camera and enjoy high quality image.

Characteristics of digital binoculars

When you choose binocular, it is necessary to pay attention to the following features:

  • Magnification.
  • Exit pupil diameter.
  • Field of view.
  • Resolution.

The magnification indicates how many times the binoculars can zoom the image in. The lens diameter influences light collecting capacity of the device. The larger the diameter, the more light it gathers, respectively, the brighter the image.

Also, the binocular has equally important characteristics: the diameter of the exit pupil, which determines luminosity. This option is very important when using the device in low light conditions. Field of view - a characteristic which determines the width of the area observed through binocular. Resolution of the digital camera is the maximum size of the image in pixels.

Advantages of modern binocular

Digital binocular has many advantages, and as it has already been stated above - they are commonly used today. It is very multifunctional having a lot of things to enjoy, some of them are listed here:

  • A chance to use binocular without day light thanks to the option of night vision
  • An opportunity to record video
  • An ability to manage video from smart binocular using app for smartphone

Keep in mind that when using the device with a high-magnification image may acquire a "dancing" effect. It applies to the camera. Therefore, for observation and shooting, it is recommended to use a tripod, otherwise the images may be a bit blurry.

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