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How push notifications can help app retention

Most of mobile apps get downloaded when user acquisition campaigns are on, but it would be a huge mistake to think that the game ends with just app downloads. With more and more competing mobile apps entering the market, you have to make an effort to also retain your customers.

Push notifications proved to be a great tool to increase app sessions, user engagement, serving as a friendly reminder to a user.

Boosting not only engagement, but also your online sales with push notifications shouldn’t be too difficult if you adhere to some principles of interaction between your Shopify mobile app and particular end users. So, how is that notification represented in your Android or iOS mobile app? The notification simply pops up on the main screen of a smartphone to inform your users about any interesting deals or remind about something.

What Makes Push Notifications Special

You may not expect that, but incorporating push notifications in your mobile app for Shopify or other e-commerce platforms can bring you 278% more launches for the e-commerce app category, according to statistics provided by Localytics report.

Moreover, the retention rate for users with enabled push notification (approximately 52% off all smartphone users) is almost three times higher, compared to those who disabled this feature. And conversion rates constitute approximately 54% for customers using the push notifications. So you won’t regret trying this option for your Shopify mobile app to keep in touch with your users, just don’t get too pushy with your notifications, if you want them work.

Ways to Promote Your Online Business

If you’re eager to build long-lasting relationships with users, you should not only turn this feature to your advantage, but also thoroughly analyse the impact of your push notification strategy and its correlation to the results you get in all sales channels you use for your business. It’s important to monitor the effectiveness of the messages you send and learn the reaction of your target audience - step by step you will polish your approach and will work out the best way to reach your users and get the conversion that you expect.

On the other hand, you should also know that the distribution of generic mass messages often leads to annoyance of customers with their further motivation to get rid of a mobile app that got too intrusive. Whereas the personalized notifications, as a part of your app marketing strategy, are usually much safer when they are appropriately tuned into general mobile user experience.

There is another interesting fact stated by Xtify - if email open rates are about 20%, then numbers for push notifications lie in the 30-60% range.

Strategies with Push Notifications

There are two ways when you can show personal notifications: when the specific conditions are met or when it’s optimal time for such a notification, and this optimal time is actually predicted with the help of machine learning algorithm based on user behavior.

Both approaches can significantly boost your conversion rate if used wisely. There is no universal advice for businesses of all types. However, we learnt that optimal time notification strategy helps to retain almost 6.97% of users within the first month and remains almost the same at the level of 6.17% after 90 days. There are some successful examples, such as a mobile game publishing company Pixowl, that was able to show 17% increase of its revenue when implemented this algorithm. The main idea of this approach is that the algorithm learns behavior of the users and automatically sends push notifications to the user individually, when they react best. For example, if Helen typically browse items in the app catalog in the evening, the push notifications will be sent in the evening.

The alternative approach with push notifications may not show such significant impact, but can be very effective too, especially if you automate such notification to send the next day to users who added something to the cart, but never checked out.

Your M-commerce Solution

Developed particularly for Shopify, EasyMobile application, that turns your web Shopify store to a fully native iOS app, covers the push notification feature as well. Moreover, you will be able not only send custom notifications to your users, but also easily analyze and compare effectiveness of your sales channels - all in one Shopify dashboard.

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